The only Dedicated Cardiac CT

Every day, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in your patients’ life. We want to empower you with CardioGraphe, the only dedicated cardiac CT, by supporting your expertise and helping you to elevate your practice to the next level.

Discover a virtual site visit of CardioGraphe installation at Ulster Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.


  • Expand Access

    • Dedicated cardiac CT: optimized for the heart
    • Compact design: a required siting in only 15 m2
    • Cost effectiveness
  • Easy to Diagnose

    • Excellent diagnostic image quality
    • Whole heart, one beat, cardiac
    • Improved access for challenging patients
  • Fast Exam

    • Easy scan preparation
    • Cardiac dedicated user interface optimized for repeatability and usability
    • Streamlined post processing for cardiovascular applications

Technology behind the performance

  • 43258 Picto Low Dose
  • 43258 Picto One beat
  • 43258 Picto Fast temporal
  • 43258 Picto High Resolution
  • 43258 Picto Cardio App
  • 43258 Picto Cardio Workflow

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