ViewPoint™ 6

For structured image and exam documentation.

Flexible documentation-exceptional accuracy

GE Healthcare’s ViewPoint 6 minimizes the time spent on documentation in hospitals and private practices. The software integrates data transfer, exam documentation and image archiving in one solution. Benefit from a flexible system for professional medical documentation with exceptional accuracy.

ViewPoint supports:



Document ultrasound exams quickly and easily.


Creating professional reports for patients and referring physicians.


Save time with efficient workflow solutions.

Seamless integration

Benefit from over 25 years of experience in interfacing to hospital IT


Secure archiving of images and reports.


Find insights for scientific studies or answers to administrative questions .

First class image management and exam documentation

Ultrasound exams are frequently used in diagnostics. Healthcare professionals need to document and exchange ultrasound data quickly and easily. ViewPoint 6, a software for professional medical image and exam documentation, was developed precisely for this purpose.
Exam documentation

Digital exam documentation with ViewPoint 6

ViewPoint 6 is a professional digital documentation software that efficiently collects and administrates exam data, while ensuring smooth data exchange.

ViewPoint 6 offers

  • Clinic-wide, fast, comprehensive and clear documentation of examinations
  • Report templates are based on guidelines of leading medical societies and feedback from our customers
  • Automatic measurement transfer directly into corresponding fields
  • Quick reports with just one click
  • Integration of images, graphs and drawings in the report
  • Switch between the exam form and the report preview with one click
  • Export of reports and images to HIS/EMR and PACS
  • Coding of diagnoses and procedures



Image management

Digital image management with ViewPoint 6

  • Transfer of single images and image sequences from ultrasound systems and other image sources
  • Integrated raw data post-processing with 4DView and EchoPAC plug-in
  • Measure on images, image optimization and insertion of annotations and comments
  • Easy export of anonymized images and videos in standard formats (e.g. JPG, MP4 and DICOM®) for training purposes and presentations
  • Configurable display of images and graphs
  • Image comparison between current and previous examinations

That's what ViewPoint 6 stands for - a smooth workflow

Any digital image and report documentation is only as good as its smart integration into the everyday medical workflow. For the software to be accepted by users, it must offer real added value. Only then hospitals and practices can benefit to the maximum. ViewPoint 6 provides various workflows that are adapted to the specific needs of hospitals and private practices. Basically, the more intuitive the workflow, the higher the acceptance. A digital workflow that is adapted to the workflow not only saves time, but also increases the quality of patient care.

This is what your workflow might look like:
The ViewPoint 6 workflow connects the clinic's IT infrastructure with the imaging systems, various medical devices, and the image and exam documentation.
Patient data, images and measurements, as well as report and billing data, can thus be logically combined with each other.
Different solutions, device connections and interfaces are available for each department.

Your advantages with ViewPoint 6

Central database

A modern database technology enables fast access to your data. Existing ViewPoint databases can be merged into one database in ViewPoint 6. Please contact us to clarify the requirements in your hospital or practice.

Individual statistic queries

ViewPoint 6 provides you with all the data you need for your individual statistics. The simple user interface allows you to create custom database queries. The results can be exported as a CSV file for further processing.

Working across different sites

ViewPoint 6 is particularly suitable for image and exam documentation of large multi-site clinic associations. In a single database, ViewPoint 6 can separate exam data by hospital and site. Each department, clinic, and site can use their own report forms and templates

Software maintenance agreement

To ensure that your image and exam documentation is always up to date in an ever-changing IT environment, we offer you the ViewPoint software maintenance agreement

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