ViewPoint 6

connects to a variety of medical devices
Your advantages of device connectivity

One System

The system for connecting ultrasound devices


Digitizing your medical modalities

Central administration

Central administration of device connections

Direct integration of medical devices

Depending on the indication, you perform different examinations and therapies, which must be fully and accurately documented in the patient record. ViewPoint 6 connects to a variety of medical devices including ultrasound systems and colposcopes to enable digital workflows for medical reporting.

ViewPoint 6 is the ideal link between medical devices and IT.

The solution can be flexibly adapted the requirements of hospitals or private practices, while giving you an overview of the medical data from different sources. In addition to facilitating image and exam documentation, it also supports better patient care.
Ultrasound equipment

ViewPoint 6 – the ultrasound connection solution

You can integrate ultrasound equipment from different manufacturers into ViewPoint 6. Measurement transfers are performed using the standardized DICOM interface. ViewPoint 6 supports both stationary and mobile ultrasound devices and can automatically transfer images and videos (DICOM multiframes) from the connected ultrasound systems. Images and videos can be archived for long term storage in a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).

ViewPoint 6 can accept raw data from LOGIQ™, Voluson™ and Vivid™ sonography systems. This allows you to post-process the raw data at the workstation using various additional analysis features and post-processing methods.

ViewPoint 6 for Endoscopy* and Colposcopy

ViewPoint 6 allows to transfer images and sequences from endoscopes* and colposcopes directly into the patient record.
*only available in German speaking markets
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The Solution

For structured image and exam documentation
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Image and exam documentation for your medical department
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Connect medical systems easily via interface
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Trium CTG

Unified birth documentation with ViewPoint™ 6 and Trium CTG Online
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