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Connect medical systems easily via interface

In order to be able to create a comprehensive image and exam documentation, it is important that relevant medical systems can be connected via different interfaces. ViewPoint 6 provides the necessary interfaces to integrate the collected and documented data, findings, images and patient information into the hospital or private practice IT infrastructure.

ViewPoint 6 speaks the language of hospital information systems

ViewPoint 6 communicates with all major hospital information systems (HIS) via the HL7 interface. ViewPoint 6 receives data, such as patient data, from the hospital information system and sends data, such as procedure or exam data back to the HIS.

ViewPoint 6: seamless communication with PACS

ViewPoint 6 communicates with all Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) manufacturers that support the DICOM standard. The DICOM interface enables the transfer of single images, image sequences and measurement data to PACS. If supported by PACS, it is also possible to transmit the report via HL7.
The PACS image archiving and communication system electronically stores the images and reports of the imaging examination and can be used with ViewPoint 6 as a manufacturer-independent long-term archive. The advantage: a simple and central management of all image and video files and reports, and also a high and fast availability and data security.

ViewPoint 6: Interface to laboratory systems

In obstetrics, ViewPoint 6 also allows you to request and take over the results of blood analysis devices from laboratory systems. The system has the necessary interfaces to access specific biochemical parameters required for FMF risk calculation in pre-eclampsia or trisomy screening.

The following blood analysis devices can communicate with ViewPoint 6 via corresponding interfaces:
  • Perkin Elmer: Delfia™ Xpress via LifeCycle™
  • Roche: Cobas® via Infinity


Interface to Trium

ViewPoint 6 integrates CTG-Findings

To integrate CTG findings into medical documentation, you can link ViewPoint 6 to Trium CTG Online*. This allows CTG devices to be connected to the documentation system. CTG traces and partograms can thus be centrally archived and exchanged.
This not only helps you to digitally document pregnancy and birth throughout the whole process, but also supports decision making during birth. You can directly transmit CTG traces and partograms to the HIS
Trium Analysis Online GmbH, Hohenlindener Str 1, Munich, Germany. Not available in all countries
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Trium CTG

Unified birth documentation with ViewPoint™ 6 and Trium CTG Online
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